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Lead Acting Roles

Lead Actors will help narrate the new overarching story for Halloween Nights and serve as the “face” of the festival. Lead Actors must be comfortable interacting with guests throughout the festival and will be highly photographed. They must also have a vast knowledge of the festival to help guests find their way around the site.

We are looking for many different lead actors. Listed below are a few roles that we are casting for:

  • “Queen” (Demeanor: Sinister, Loud, Unamused) — A Queen with a background in science, sought to conquer worlds beyond her realms by breaching the fabric of the multiverse. “Red Woman”'s influence reached through the veil, corrupting her and giving her cat-like features. She now faces a looming threat to her world while attempting to grapple with what little power she has left.
  • “Red Woman” (Demeanor: Poised, Creepy, Sly) — The supreme ruler of the Empire of “Halloween Nights”. She observes the multiverse through the eyes of her many cats.
  • “Mayor” (Demeanor: Eccentric, Split Personality, Goofy) — Member of Nobility before the fall of the Kingdom of Hallows. The magical radiations seeping through the portals have caused him to have a fragmented personality. He seeks aid from the guests to help save the kingdom.
  • “Rose” (Demeanor: Sassy, Cute, Evil, Mean) — One of the Queen’s defective subjects, looking to overthrow the Queen for her crimes against the kingdom. She is the leader of a movement; however, her actions are also questionable.


  • Attending all training and staff meetings
  • Performing your assigned role as outlined on your character sheet
  • Remaining in character, full costume, and makeup at all times when in view of the public
  • Assisting with nightly set-up and breakdown procedures for your department as needed
  • Being the “face” of Halloween Nights
  • Taking photos with guests
  • Having a full understanding of Halloween Nights and where things are located within the festival
  • Must feel comfortable on radio
  • Must be able to wear SFX theatrical contacts and SFX fangs/dentures

To Apply:

1. First, complete an online acting application here.
2. Then, attend the in-person lead acting open audition on Tuesday, May 21st anytime between 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

Please wear closed-toe shoes, and please bring water to the audition. Acting auditions are held at Eastern State Penitentiary, 2027 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia. You do not need to make an appointment. Late arrivals will not be permitted. 

During the Lead Actor audition, you’ll get a chance to show off your storytelling and improv skills. We are looking for actors with previous haunting acting experience, improv experience, and/or theater experience. These roles require a very high level of energy, stamina, a sense of urgency, and a positive attitude.

Interested in a different kind of role? Return to the overview page to explore other open Halloween Nights positions.




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