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  • Overview - Read This Page First!

    We're hiring all kinds of people for Terror Behind the Walls!

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  • Acting Roles

    Terror Behind the Walls (TBTW) is one of the top ranked haunted houses in the nation, so, of course, we want top notch actors entertaining our visitors!

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  • Customer Service, Retail, Box Office

    Terror Behind the Walls (TBTW) is a nationally ranked attraction that prides itself not only on its entertainment value, but also on its exceptional customer service. Whether visitors are parking, buying tickets, entering the building, screaming in the haunted house, shopping for souvenirs, or enjoying private events, we want them to have a first-class experience.

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  • Special FX Makeup Team

    It takes an elite team of 18 makeup artists and hair stylists about three hours to prepare a cast of more than 200 performers each evening.

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  • Costume Team

    The costume team is made up of nine talented costumers who dress and aid the cast of 200 performers each evening.

    2019 Costume Team Interviews
    All costume team interviews are held at Eastern State Penitentiary. You do not need to make an appointment.

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